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 Grinding Wheel For Stone
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Inviato il il 10/04/2020 :  10:12:06  Guarda il profilo di  Rispondi Citando
Renwa Abrasive is one of reliable supplier and manufacturer of abrasives and related industry in China, we focus to provide stable quality abrasives at competitive price for those regular consumed items, we are new registered company in this fields , but we have almost 20 years experience in the area, we become very potential and competitive company in nowadays , our production include all kinds of abrasives material and tools, Brown fused aluminium oxide , White Fused Aluminium Oxide and Pink fused alumina, Black and green silicon carbide, Boron carbide ..., Vitrified and resinoid grinding wheels, grinding and cutting discs for numerous industries and applications.
Renwa abrasive located in Zibo city of Shandong province, which is one of the most important heavy industrial city for chemical , ceramic and abrasives, there are big and famous abrasive maker since 1950 , most of local abrasive companies were developed basis of that. Renwa is to create added value for customers around the world.
Renwa abrasive provide below productions:
1. Brown fused aluminium oxide (brown corundum)
2. White fused aluminium oxide (white corundum)
3. Pink fused aluminium oxide (ruby grains too).
4. Black silicon carbide (black carborundum)
5. Green silicon carbide (green carborundum)
6. Zirconium fused alumina (ZA25 and ZA40)
7. Boron carbide
8. Glass beads
9. Vitrified grinding wheel for crankshaft
10. Centerless grinding wheel
11. Bearing grinding wheel
12. Internal grinding wheel
13. Cylindrical grinding wheel
14. Surface grinding wheel
15. Roll grinding wheel
16. Tool room grinding wheel
17. Resinoid grinding wheel
18. Snagging grinding wheel
19. Grinding disc
20. Cutting disc
21. Abrasive cloth roll
22. Abrasive paper
23. Flap disc
24. Sandblasting nozzle
25. Aluminium oxide production
We supply abrasives products all over the world to a wide range of companies worldwide.
Abrasive material (macro and micro powder) are used for grinding, polishing , cutting, lapping , sandblasting , metallurgical, refractory, foundry and other applications
Vitrified grinding wheels are very professional industrial tools for steel, stainless steel, ceramic , glass, stone work pieces, bearing, crankshaft and camshaft, tool rooms processing, roll grinding , milling cutter, reamers, expanding drills, broaches, paper cutting knife, tobacco cutter, plate-shaped lathe tool, slotting cutter, drill, hobbing cutter, saw-tooth, whatever regular and unregular work pieces.
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001:2008 and our stringent quality control system.
We are capable of offering the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining.
Abrasive powder and grains: we could follow FEPA, JIS, ANSI standard , difference grain shape requirements, extra fine grit for example 6000# ,8000# for some special fields. And grains suitable for bonded, coated , refractories and other applications. More then 20 years experience is very helpful to choice the right material for every application and save cost, such as Brown fused aluminium oxide should be from tilted furnace if used for vitrified grinding wheel to eliminate impurity of SIO2 content, which may result cracks due to #37413;#28194;hermal expansion coefficient#37413;?difference with AL2O3. It can be from fixed furnace if used for resinoid grinding wheel, grinding and cutting discs , even polishing and sandblasting to maintain the quality and save cost. Price of Brown fused alumina made by fixed furnace lumps is more attractive especially fine grit 80# to 220#, furtherly we offer HYP grade and C grade for sandblasting according to various requirements.
Vitrified grinding wheels: we have 2 tunnel kilns with 100meters length to produce huge quantities orders, 700tons capacity per month of each kiln, grinding wheel size up to 1300mm, more then 1000 molds available in toolrooms, very special lab testing instrument to do dynamic testing for those unregular grinding wheels , such as cup, tapered cup wheels, dish wheels. No doubt, every pieces of vitrified grinding wheels must be passed the speed testing to make sure safety except those unregular shape items. we could design open structure grinding wheels (code from 9V to 12V) and micropowder grit grinding wheels available grit 240#--800#. the fine grit grinding wheels are mainly made of white aluminium oxide and green silicon carbide. All grinding wheels moved smoothly between each procedure , they must be packed and printed well immediately inspection be done, and all grinding wheels after packing will be loaded on strong wooden pallet to avoid contaminated.
Resinoid grinding wheel: cold and hot pressed grinding wheel, cover working speed 35m/s to 100m/s , snagging grinding wheel and heavy duty grinding wheels, super fine grinding wheels with grit 240# to 6000# for needle and others.
Grinding and cutting discs: no matter of commercial market and industrial market, we have difference option for you to compete in the market, the grinding wheel we developed for cast iron industry is become very competitive items , such as 400x4x25.4mm, 400x8x40, 400x8x76, 300x6x22.23, 500x10x127, 500x8x76, 600x8x80, high performance and congress against the work pieces, further 180x7 and 230 x7 are popular items for industrial market, which is much difference with commercial market , which required performance more then life circle, and coarse grit should be used only instead of double face grains...
Coated abrasives;No doubt, it is the most popular abrasive production in the world, silicon carbide abrasive cloth roll, aluminium oxide cloth roll , waterproof abrasive paper, dry sand paper, flap discs and the flap fiber backing, nylon backing...
Machinery for making abrasives, this is one of our new business, we could design the regular machines for vitrified grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel, for example multifunction grinding 3 in 1, surface grinding machine, cylinder grinding machine, ball mill, mixer with one or two drums, press machine from 150tons to 3000tons, molding system for auto and semi-auto machine for sharpening stone, machine for mounted point.
We have customers from both domestic market and abroad, Our main sales market:
South America: 20%
Asia: 40%
Middle east: 20%
North America 10%
Europe 10%
Besides our existing products, Renwa abrasive also can produce abrasives products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. Fast response to sample enquiries, rapid order processing and on time delivery ensures that customers' requirements are accurately and consistently satisfied, Stability supplying and cost control is so important in nowadays for win-win cooperation.Grinding Wheel For Stone
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